Hulkenberg: "In the past there were many more men in Formula 1"

04-10-2019 08:49
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Hulkenberg: In the past there were many more men in Formula 1

Nico Hulkenberg will need to fight hard around the contract negotiation room if he is to get a Formula 1 seat next season. The German has been pushed out of Renault by youngster Esteban Ocon who only sees options at Alfa Romeo, Williams and a very small chance at Aston Martin Red Bull Racing. 

In the podcast, The Köningsklasse, Hulkenberg discusses his future as well as looking at the current status of Formula 1. The average age has fallen considerably, not only since Hulkenberg joined the sport but over the last three years. He suggests this creates a different atmosphere. 

"There is enough left of my body to stay in Formula 1 after I am 30. I am still fast and I have goals that I still want to achieve. If I really would not be the athlete that I am now, I will really leave the sport myself," says Hulkenberg about his current state.

"There used to be many more adult men around the age of thirty in the sport, and that was also the average age. Now, however, you see a lot more young boys in their early twenties and that, of course, makes the sport different from years ago," concludes the 32-year-old. 

After 174 Grands Prix, Hulkenberg has failed to get onto the podium. Unless he can pull a miracle and sign for Red Bull Racing, that statistic is likely to remain. His best chance was in front of his home fans at the 2019 German Grand Prix, but he fell victim to the slippy track. 

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