Sunday Summary - Singapore is red, Vettel undercuts Leclerc!

22-09-2019 22:00
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Sunday Summary - Singapore is red, Vettel undercuts Leclerc!

What a day of racing it's been in Singapore! Ferrari claim a very unlikely one-two, their first in two years, while Mercedes struggle and while the Safety Cars once again play a massive part. It's the Sunday Summary with today's biggest stories!

Ferrari claim a rare one-two in Singapore

For the first time since Hungary 2017, Ferrari finally landed a one-two on a Sunday. Pole-sitter Leclerc led for the first 20 laps but got undercut by his teammate Vettel, who had pitted a lap earlier, much to the Monegasque's annoyance. The German drove an excellent race and claimed his first victory since Belgium last year, something which will give him some much-needed confidence.

Mercedes also fluffed their lines with Hamilton's strategy as the Brit dropped to P4 after his stop after starting in second. It also gifted Max Verstappen a podium place, a place he had to fight for as he held off Hamilton in the closing stages of the race.

For the first time in 11 years, Ferrari have now won three races in a row.

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Leclerc admits defeat in Singapore is hard for him

It rarely happens, teammates doing an undercut on each other. It happened to Leclerc, however, and the Monegasque was very unhappy with it, even if he tried to hide it in his post-race comments. 

He claimed to be happy for the team and the one-two but also admitted it is hard for him to lose in such fashion. Safe to say the two-time Grand Prix winner wasn't a happy bunny!

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Giovinazzi receives odd penalty post-race

When the Safety Car gets deployed so the marshalls can safely remove a car or debris from the track, drivers are always instructed how to drive around the marshals who are at work. 

At turn 8, drivers were instructed to slow down and stay right as there was a crane on-track. Giovinazzi went way too close and was dealt a ten-second time penalty post-race. 

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Hamilton thinks Mercedes are still the best

They haven't won since the summer break, but Hamilton still thinks Mercedes are the best team on the Formula 1 grid. The Brit was a victim of some poor strategy calls by the team on Sunday but still gave a massive vote of confidence in the team.

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