Norris admits that McLaren drivers are "open" to helping eachother

18-09-2019 14:57
by Tom Mason
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Norris admits that McLaren drivers are open to helping eachother

McLaren driver Lando Norris and his teammate Carlos Sainz have both already secured their seats for next season and are enjoying working together this season. The team currently sit in third place in the standings, some way off the top three who are over 180 points above the rest of the teams.

However, for Norris who's contributed 25 of those points, he wants to make sure that the two drivers are helping each other out where possible as he feels it will only benefit them in the long run.

“I think we’re both pretty open with her trying to help each other, which at the moment only benefits each other,” says Norris.

“I don’t know what the differences are on average this year in terms of like qualifying averages. Between team-mates, I think it’s always so close. We always try and help each other and we want to do better as a team.

Following the weekend at Monza, Norris is 9-5 up on Sainz in terms of the results in qualifying, with the Spaniard recording better results on Sunday's having won 58 of their points so far.

“It might change once you get to a different position in terms of racing for wins or something, I think that’s just inevitable, that’s just life.

"At the moment there’s more for me to learn from him because of his experience but there’s still some things which on a certain day I might be better and he would ask me how I do it so we learn from each other.”

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