Albon "never raced anywhere quite like" Singapore before

17-09-2019 16:04
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Albon never raced anywhere quite like Singapore before

Ahead of his first time racing in Singapore, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's Alexander Albon is looking forward to the challenge the Grand Prix brings, with the night race being known for being the most physically demanding for the drivers.

The rookie has performed solidly in his first two outings for Red Bull, finishing fifth and sixth in Belgium and Italy respectively. 

Now, a massive test lies ahead for the 24-year-old. His first time racing under the floodlights at the Marina Bay Circuit in Singapore, a bendy street circuit with ruthless conditions.

Asked about the challenge, the Thai said that he was looking forward to the weekend, rather than intimidated by the prospect.

"The Marina Bay Street Circuit is a new track for me and it will be my first time in Singapore, so I’m interested to see what it’s all about," he said when previewing the weekend. 

"I’ve heard it’s one of the most physical races we do because it’s so humid and the race is so long, plus it’s a street race where there’s a lot less margin for error. It will be good fun, especially as I’ve never raced anywhere quite like it before."

Although Singapore isn't a home race for Albon, it will be the closest race to his native Thailand, adding a different dimension to Sunday's Grand Prix.

"t’s the closest Grand Prix to Thailand so I’ll have extra family and sponsors coming to support me which makes it even more exciting and yes, I guess it is like a home race in some ways."

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