Bernie Ecclestone “would have preferred” a medal scoring system to points

17-09-2019 13:47
by Bevan Youl
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Bernie Ecclestone “would have preferred” a medal scoring system to points

Former Formula 1 chief Bernie Ecclestone has said that he “would have preferred medals” as a scoring system rather than points as it would force drivers to drive for victory.

Ecclestone was taken over as F1 supremo by Liberty Media at the beginning of 2017 having been chief executive of the sport for many years beforehand but thinks the scoring system would have made for better victories had it been medals.
“I never wanted this scoring system. I would have preferred medals,” Ecclestone told Auto Motor und Sport.
“Whoever wins the most gold medals will become world champion. That forces you to drive for victory.”
The current scoring system in F1 gives first place 25 points, second 18 points and third 15 points, with a lower amount of points spread out down to tenth position (1 point).
This year an additional rule was put in place for the driver with the fastest lap would gain an additional point if they finished in the top ten.
The Brit however doesn’t see the motivation in driving for 10 percent of the points when asked why drivers would still race if they may never win a medal.
“Where is the motivation to ride for ten percent of all points?”  
“There will never be a balanced field. Some people always do the job better than many others. 
“Of course it is bad if you know the winner before the race, as has often been the case for the past five years. It is enough if six drivers can win.”
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