Nico Rosberg "very happy" to see Lewis Hamilton make "dumb" mistake

11-09-2019 12:41 | Updated: 11-09-2019 14:07
by Louis Shaw
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Nico Rosberg very happy to see Lewis Hamilton make dumb mistake

Nico Rosberg is pleased that Lewis Hamilton made a "dumb" mistake at the Italian Grand Prix as the former World Champion made the same mistake some years ago. Hamilton was putting pressure on race leader Charles Leclerc at Monza but went wide at the Roggia chicane and had to weave through some polystyrene barriers, meaning Valtteri Bottas stole his position.

“Even Lewis, I was very happy to see actually he made a similar not so smart move as I did five years ago,” Rosberg said on his YouTube channel.

“I thought I was the only dumb person at the time that would go straight on at the chicane and actually give up a place.

“To go around those polystyrene blocks takes forever. Lewis did the same.

“Lewis went straight on and gave up the position to Valtteri which made me feel a little better for once.”

It seems that Rosberg thought Hamilton's mistake made him look like a better driver as if a 5 time World Champion made the same error then it was obviously an easy one to make. 

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