Alex Albon has "learnt a lot already" from Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen

11-09-2019 10:45 | Updated: 11-09-2019 12:13
by Bobby Vincent
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Alex Albon has learnt a lot already from Red Bull team-mate Max Verstappen

Red Bull Racing driver Alexander Albon has revealed he has "learnt a lot already" from his new team-mate Max Verstappen.

It was only announced in the summer break that Albon would be making the step up from Toro Rosso, effectively swapping with Pierre Gasly, and would be driving for Red Bull for the remainder of the season at least.

Albon has revealed working with Verstappen, who is one of Formula 1's brightest talents and best drivers, has taught him some valuable lessons already despite their brief time together.

"It's not that you talk to each other about driving. That is actually not what you are doing, because it is dangerous," Albon said on the Beyond the Grid podcast. "Someone will tell you that you have to brake before you fly into the wall.

"It's more about listening. During briefings, Max always gives his feedback first and I try to learn as much as possible from it. By listening, you can learn a lot because that way I find out what Max wants and how he translates that to the rest of the team.

"Communication is everything within a team, because the top drivers distinguish themselves precisely because they know exactly what their team needs to know to make the car go quicker.

"Max and I have a friendly relationship and that is also because we have known each other since 2010. Then we drove in the karting championship."

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