Martin Brundle: "Charles Leclerc was lucky not to get a five-second penalty"

10-09-2019 16:24
by Louis Shaw
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Martin Brundle: Charles Leclerc was lucky not to get a five-second penalty

Martin Brundle believes that Charles Leclerc was "lucky" not to get penalized for forcing Lewis Hamilton off the track at the Italian Grand Prix. However, the Sky Sports commentator praised Leclerc for his race victory and believes that he has now established himself as a top driver. 

"On a number of occasions, Leclerc was very robust in defending, pushing the limits of several regulations," Brundle said to Sky Sports. "He was lucky to get a driving-standards warning flag rather than a five-second penalty when crowding Hamilton into the braking area of the second chicane, having already been dancing around through the previous flat-out Curva Grande.

"Charles Leclerc may appear to be Harry Potter's polite younger brother but in combat, his elbows have razor blades, he grows horns at 200mph, and his head appears to be as strong as the carbon fiber Ferrari chassis he steered to a glorious victory on home ground in front of the ecstatic Tifosi in Monza."

Leclerc has proved himself as a true racer and will hope to go on to have a successful career in the years to come. 


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