Italian Grand Prix team ratings: Renault on fire!

10-09-2019 11:00
by Adam Newton
Italian Grand Prix team ratings: Renault on fire!

On Monday we rated the drivers, but now it's time to rate the teams. How did your favourite team get on this weekend at Monza? Read on, and comment if you agree/disagree with us!

Mercedes - 8/10

They gave it a good go! Given Ferrari's prowess in a straight line, it was always going to be tough for the German team, but they didn't let themselves down at all, and they should come away happy with a double podium, their tenth of the season. Perhaps they could have given Lewis Hamilton the hard tyres to allow him to chase Charles Leclerc for longer, but he may not have had the pace if that was the case.

Ferrari - 8/10

Of course, the Italian crowd at Monza would've given the Scuderia 10/10. However, if it wasn't for the ridiculous qualifying session, Ferrari should have locked out the front row. Whilst they could do nothing to stop Sebastian Vettel's spin and subsequent penalty, the pit stop for hard tyres towards the end of the race was a confusing one. They got it spot on for Leclerc though, his hard tyres allowed him to fight to keep the lead for the rest of the race.

Red Bull - 6/10

A strangely quiet weekend for Red Bull, who had to have Max Verstappen starting at the back due to engine penalties. However, starting eighth with Alex Albon, the team will have hoped for more than sixth place in the end.

McLaren - 4/10

Another track not suited to McLaren's package, but a wretched two weeks for the team was capped off when Carlos Sainz retired from a strong position with a loose wheel. Lando Norris rescued a point but they will surely be looking over their shoulder at the much improved Renault...

Renault - 10/10

What a weekend for Renault! Fourth and fifth for Daniel Ricciardo and Nico Hulkenberg is their best result of the season, and in fact their best since they returned to the sport. They showed brilliant pace to score 22 points and bring themselves right back in the mix with McLaren for P4 in the constructors' standings.

Toro Rosso - 5/10

Toro Rosso had scored points in the previous four races, but it was not to be at Monza as Daniil Kvyat was forced to retire from a promising position with an oil leak. Pierre Gasly may well have scored points if it wasn't for the Vettel/Stroll incident that also affected his race.

Racing Point - 8/10

Lance Stroll had a race to forget through no fault of his own, meaning his good start went to waste, but Sergio Perez put in one of the drives of his life to take P7 from 19th on the grid. The team's upgrades seem to be working well as they look to make an assault on those above them in the standings.

Alfa Romeo - 5/10

It was delight in one half and frustration in the other half of the garage for Alfa Romeo, as Antonio Giovinazzi solidly drove to P9 to pick up his best F1 finish at his home race. However, the team made the strange and rare mistake to start Kimi Raikkonen on the wrong tyres, causing a penalty to be handed to the Finn and the race ruined.

Haas - 3/10

We're running out of things to say about Haas and none of them are good. Sometimes they look as slow as Williams in the race, and they are just nowhere near the form they were on last year. Changes need to be made at the American team, you would feel.

Williams - 6/10

The best thing Williams are doing right now is avoiding grid penalties so they can start in the midfield! From there, it goes downhill, but at least they are still finishing the races with both cars, the only team to do so at every event this season. However, they'd definitely trade some of the reliability for a bit more pace.

So, what do you think? Do you agree with our ratings? Comment below anything you would change!

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