Hamilton has no issue with hard racing "if that's how we're allowed to race"

09-09-2019 17:43
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
Hamilton has no issue with hard racing if that's how we're allowed to race

Championship leader Lewis Hamilton has said he has no problem with the aggressive way Charles Leclerc defended his lead at Monza, as long as "it's clear" F1 drivers would be allowed to defend in the same way in future races.

Hamilton had multiple looks at Leclerc during the Italian Grand Prix, with the Brit unable to pass the Monegasque due to some aggressive defending. 

The clearest example of this was during the 23rd lap of the race, with Hamilton going down the Ferrari's outside in the run-up to turn four and five. Leclerc pushed Hamilton wide and onto the kerbstone, forcing the five-time champion off-track as he ran out of road. 

Leclerc received a black-and-white flag for his driving, which serves as a warning rather than a penalty. In a later attack in the same section of the track, Leclerc switched his line multiple times to deny Hamilton the race lead. 

The reigning champion has no problem with Leclerc's driving, as long as the stewards remain consistent with their decisions in future instances.

“If that’s how we are allowed to race then I will race like that,” the 34-year-old told The Guardian.

“As long as we know that you are allowed to not leave a car width for example.

“You are allowed to run wide even if someone is there and you only get a warning flag. As long as it is clear that that’s the way moving forward it’s fine, so I know how to go into battle.”

Hamilton eventually finished in third place behind Leclerc and teammate Valtteri Bottas, although the Brit did grab the extra point for the fastest lap.

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