Verstappen: "I'm looking forward to a race where I can just participate"

08-09-2019 18:22
by Matt Gretton
F1 News
Verstappen: I'm looking forward to a race where I can just participate

It was never going to be easy for Max Verstappen in Italy. Starting at the back is never helpful, and then some front wing damage in the opening lap to add more trouble for the Dutchman. After a tough Belgium Grand Prix as well, Verstappen is looking forward to the Singapore Grand Prix. 

“Monza and Spa are not ideal circuits for us. Still, I thought on Friday that we were in good shape with our racing speed. I am therefore happy that these two Grands Prix have been completed and I am looking forward to a race where I can just join the rest. We will be back in Singapore again," Verstappen told 

The race became particularly difficult for Verstappen when he lost his front wing, in turn, one against the back of Sergio Perez“I tried to avoid him. But things like this happen when you start last. It was also a shame it stayed dry today. I also had a motor problem, where I lost some power for five seconds. In the end, that wasn't a big deal. But it just wasn't going well today," says the Dutchman.

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