Albon feels disappointed: "I should have done it differently"

08-09-2019 17:10
by Matt Gretton
F1 News
Albon feels disappointed: I should have done it differently

Red Bull had one of their worst races for a long time during the Italian Grand Prix. Alex Albon is disappointed in himself and admits he would have done things differently regarding his battle with Carlos Sainz in the early stages of the race. 

The new Red Bull driver started in eighth and was trying to make his way through the field. He was perhaps too eager by going on the outside of the track. Sainz pushed him off into the gravel. 

"I was happy with my first action at Sainz, but then, of course, he came alongside again. That, of course, is his right and I was already hesitant to stay there. Sitting on the outside is a risk," Albon told Sky Sports. 

"I actually wanted to catch him later, but we were short on the straight, so I wanted to take some risk. In retrospect, this was not very useful, but you sometimes have to try something. I have now had two races and brought in the points, but I can still really make progress."

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