Mattia Binotto proud of his team: "Bold decision, but worked out well"

08-09-2019 16:20
by Matt Gretton
Mattia Binotto proud of his team: Bold decision, but worked out well

Mattia Binotto was under serious pressure but most of that has now been released after back-to-back wins in the hands of Charles Leclerc. The Ferrari boss was spotted recording the crowd's reaction during the podium celebrations. 

Even though Sebastian Vettel made a major error during the race, Binotto can't be seen without a smile in front of the camera. 

"Whether you're a team boss or not, this is just a great feeling. We have had a difficult season and it is fantastic to win here. I think that the pressure that Charles puts on himself only gives him a boost, instead of creating extra pressure," Binotto told Sky Sports. 

"Charles made a great step after the summer and just makes a few mistakes during a race. The team also deserves compliments, because the strategy was right today. We knew that the wear would be a problem, so the choice for the hard tire was daring, but perfectly executed by the team."

"I'm very happy with the result, but I'm also exhausted. The weekend was very debilitating. I haven't talked to Seb yet. It is a pity that he started that mistake, because he could have had a good race," the Italian concludes.

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