Christian Horner: Nico Hulkenberg is "going to have an issue" with the stewards

07-09-2019 16:34
by Louis Shaw
Christian Horner: Nico Hulkenberg is going to have an issue with the stewards

Red Bull boss Christian Horner has blamed Nico Hulkenberg for the events in Q3. The Renault driver was the first out of the pitlane but went wide at turn 1 to avoid leading everyone out without getting a slipstream himself. 

"The Renault that went straight on caused all the issues," Horner said to Sky Sports. "Nobody wants to be at the front of the queue and he's obviously gone straight on on purpose. It ends up as a complete cluster****.

"He's going to have an issue with (the stewards) that I'm sure because it was driving out of the pits that was the problem. It's all got a bit silly. 

"It's not the way that qualifying should have finished." 

Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul is pleased with the result. 

"At the moment I enjoy our best qualification in a long time," he said. How long he will be smiling for will be interesting to see as the events are under investigation and Hulkenberg could find himself with a penalty. 


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