Lance Stroll: "It was a bit of a comedy show!"

07-09-2019 16:03
by Louis Shaw
F1 News
Lance Stroll: It was a bit of a comedy show!

Lance Stroll has described the events of Q3 as a "comedy show." The drivers all followed each other at a snail's pace as they all wanted to get a tow but what happened was the clock ran out and nobody was able to set a faster time. 

"It was a bit of a comedy show!" Stroll said to Sky Sports. "All I can say is that I think everyone underestimated the time to the chequered flag. I was at the front of the queue and Nico (Hulkenberg) was playing games and I wasn't buying it!

"I was taking my time waiting for him to get back on track and then other cars started to overtake me and it just became a mess. 

"It was just a matter of time before the session was going to be over. It was just a bad calculation."

Stroll did well to get into Q3 and will start the race 9th. 

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