Nico Hulkenberg on "weird and strange" end to Qualifying

07-09-2019 15:53
by Louis Shaw
Nico Hulkenberg on weird and strange end to Qualifying

Many would blame Nico Hulkenberg for the strange incident at the end of Q3 which saw the cars follow each other in a slow train. He led them all out of the pits but went wide at turn 1 because he wanted to get a tow for his fast lap. This caused mayhem with all the cars then slowing down and they then ran out of time and were unable to complete a fast lap. 

"It becomes so obvious at the end, doesn't it," Hulkenberg said to Sky Sports. "We’re all looking for a tow. When you drive on your own you lose [time] on the straights and you can’t make up that time hence we ended up with this situation. Of course, it was a bit… yeah… weird and strange.

"That’s what happens everyone starts slowing down and nobody wants to be first in the train."

The incident is under investigation by the FIA and Hulkenberg will hope that he manages to hold onto his 6th position for tomorrow's race. 


Was the incident Hulkenberg's fault?

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