Sebastian Vettel on Q3: "There was a McLaren and a Renault blocking the road"

07-09-2019 15:41
by Louis Shaw
Sebastian Vettel on Q3: There was a McLaren and a Renault blocking the road

Sebastian Vettel is disappointed not to have been on the front row and is angry about how the qualifying session ended. The Ferrari driver had hoped to challenge his teammate for pole position but will instead start the race 4th after a bizarre end to Q3 which saw the drivers go so slowly that they ran out of time to set a fast lap. 

"I was trying to get through but people were... there was a McLaren and a Renault blocking the road," Vettel said to Sky Sports. 

"We didn't make it to get the second attempt like many others. I was the one out front alone in the first run and I shouldn't have been the one in the second run. The session was over so I couldn't even make it to start the lap so I can't be happy with that. Not what we intended to do.

"There was no point for Charles to overtake me at that point, he should have been ahead the whole way, the car was very good I had a good lap I just didn't have a tow and that's the difference between pole and no pole today."

Vettel will hope to impress in front of Ferrari's home fans tomorrow during the race. 

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