Claire Williams: "Sunday’s going to be difficult for us"

06-09-2019 16:21 | Updated: 06-09-2019 16:46
by Louis Shaw
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Claire Williams: Sunday’s going to be difficult for us

Claire Williams is expecting another difficult weekend for Williams at the Italian Grand Prix. The circuit does not suit their car at all due to the high levels of drag which impacts their speed. 

"I think probably similar levels of performance to that which you saw in Spa," Claire Williams said at a press conference when asked about what fans can expect from Williams. "These circuits are particularly penalizing when you’ve got quite a lot of drag on the car, which unfortunately we do at the moment. So, it’s going to probably be another tough weekend for both George and Robert.

"I think, probably, long-run pace in Spa was better than we expected it to be. The guys had a vaguely decent race. They were able to fight with somebody else rather than just themselves.

"But, again, Sunday’s going to be difficult for us. Maybe depending on the weather, we might be able to capitalize."

Williams will be hoping for rain on Sunday and that they can make the conditions work in their favor. 

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