Daniil Kvyat critical of Alex Albon's debut performance for Red Bull

05-09-2019 16:41
by Louis Shaw
Daniil Kvyat critical of Alex Albon's debut performance for Red Bull

Daniil Kvyat has been critical of Alex Albon's first race for Red Bull. Ablon finished the race 5th but spent much of the race behind Kvyat's Toro Rosso, with the Russian believing it should have been easier to pass him. 

“I don’t know why you call it such a good start,” he said to RaceFans. “He spent 36 laps behind me in a Red Bull Racing car and he started in front of me as well. So I don’t know. Maybe in the future, he will do better.”

“If he’d stayed at Toro Rosso it would have been an amazing race for him but he was in a Red Bull,” he said.

Pierre Gasly struggled to perform at Red Bull and much of this is due to the excellence of Max Verstappen, the number 1 driver at the team. 

“It is not easy always, of course,” he said. “Especially when the driver has high confidence when the car suits him, it is definitely not easy to just perform consistently. But for sure the cars between teammates are usually very similar which means the chances are likely to be very similar to what you can achieve from that car.”

Kvyat may feel that he should have been the one promoted to Red Bull but will have to keep performing well for Toro Rosso and hope that Albon doesn't impress Red Bull enough for them to sign him on for 2020. 


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