Carlos Sainz believes Verstappen is "almost better" than Hamilton

04-09-2019 11:31
by Matt Gretton
Carlos Sainz believes Verstappen is almost better than Hamilton

Carlos Sainz has rated his fellow Formula 1 drivers on the grid. In the latest installment of the Hamilton v Verstappen debate, Sainz weighs in and says Max Verstappen is "almost better" than Lewis Hamilton. 

Sainz, who has been racing in F1 since 2015, says Hamilton has significantly improved since Nico Rosberg decided to retire in 2016. 

"Hamilton, I give a 9 or a 10. Since Rosberg left, he's been at a very high level with less pressure. Verstappen is almost better, but at Spa, he did the wrong thing," Sainz told Spanish broadcaster Movistar. 

"Bottas is always there, but he doesn't finish it off. He is at a very high level, but Hamilton has something that is difficult to explain. He's so relaxed like he's smoking a cigar!" 

The Spaniard spent just over a season driving for Renault. He was replaced by Daniel Ricciardo during the winter, but now more changes are going to be made. Esteban Ocon will drive at Renault next year instead of Nico Hulkenberg. Sainz is surprised they've dropped his former teammate. 

"I was not surprised because last year I heard those stories at Renault. They really wanted to sign him and have a Frenchman as a bonus. But I was surprised that they didn't keep Hulkenberg. He was not able to take advantage of those first races next to Ricciardo," Sainz added. 

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