Alex Albon critical of DRS: "It's almost too good"

01-09-2019 18:31
by Louis Shaw
Alex Albon critical of DRS: It's almost too good

Alex Albon performed well at the Belgian Grand Prix and in his first race for Red Bull. The British Thai driver finished the race in 5th and impressed fans and pundits with some of his overtaking skills. However, his overtake on the last lap caused him to talk to the stewards after the race but he was cleared of any wrongdoing. 

"I really struggled for the first half of the race," Ablon told Sky Sports. "I struggled with the tyres, especially getting them up to temperature for that whole stint on the mediums. 

"So we decided to pit a bit earlier, went onto the soft tyres and suddenly I felt a lot more comfortable in the car."

When asked about the incident with Perez on the final lap Albon said that DRS plays too important a role in racing. 

"We were playing the DRS game," he said. "Sergio wanted DRS but so did I so I was like 'after you!' and he went past. We were catching Sergio at quite a good rate.

"DRS is almost too good in some respects! Whenever you get DRS you always pass the car in front." 

DRS plays an important role in every Formula 1 race but perhaps it is too powerful. The problem is that the current cars wouldn't be able to overtake without it because they are so poor at following each other. 


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