Lewis Hamilton admits that perfection is a little way off for new update

28-08-2019 17:27 | Updated: 28-08-2019 17:39
by Tom Mason
Lewis Hamilton admits that perfection is a little way off for new update

Lewis Hamilton feels that it will take Mercedes time to reach its full potential from the latest F1 aerodynamic upgrade package. Hamilton will take a 68 point lead into the Belgian Grand Prix as racing returns following the summer break this weekend at Spa.

Mercedes have made a major aerodynamic update, which did also include a cooling upgrade to help battle against its weakness over overheating.

The Brit has admitted that he is constantly learning new things about the car.

“We’re always learning about the car, things happen across the weekend," Hamilton said ahead of the Belgian Grand Prix.

“Including the weather, that if we now look at it we’d be oh this happened in qualifying run one compared to run two and we understand it a lot more.

Mercedes have largely been dominant this season but Hamilton knows that it's not going to be a quick process of the new upgrade and expects it to take time.

"I’d say it was more the aero package, not that it’s not delivering, it’s just that you have to set the car up slightly differently to get the perfection out of that package.

“It takes two or three races before you squeeze everything out of an update package – you don’t just put them on and they work perfectly. You're always trying to fine-tune them.”

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