Ocon, Albon and new contracts - The biggest stories from the summer break!

28-08-2019 14:46 | Updated: 28-08-2019 16:18
by Joseph Tyrrell
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Ocon, Albon and new contracts - The biggest stories from the summer break!

We've been treated to a feast of stories over the summer break, just enough to get us through to the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend. From the future of Esteban Ocon to the continued tension between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, here's a recap of the top five stories from the summer break.

The futures of Esteban Ocon & Valtteri Bottas

After a disappointing Hungarian Grand Prix for Valtteri Bottas, it looked as if it was just a matter of time before Esteban Ocon would be confirmed as his replacement for the 2020 season. The rumour mill has been working overtime this summer regarding the future of both drivers with Ocon linked with Haas and Mercedes, with GP Blog predicting Bottas would make the switch to Red Bull for next season. 

However, the narrative appears to be reaching its conclusion with Ocon seemingly destined for Renault and Bottas a new contract with Mercedes. Auto Hebdo are reporting that the deal is done and even showed off the Frenchman in some Renault gear. We still await an official announcement but it appears the worst kept secret in F1 is coming to a close.

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Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg continue to feud

This one ran over from the Hungarian Grand Prix just before the summer break at which Nico Rosberg claimed Max Verstappen was the best driver on the grid and said Lewis Hamilton wasn't as sharp as he once was, due to his age. 

This didn't go down too well with Hamilton who revealed he had never seen his former teammate's vlogs before storming to victory at the Hungaroring, picking off a certain 'Best driver on the grid' in the closing stages.

A few days after the race Hamilton had what appeared to be an indirect shot at Rosberg and his attempts to stay relevant. Despite not racing against each other for almost three years it's safe to say there is no love lost between the pair.

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Pierre Gasly replaced by Alex Albon at Red Bull

Just a few weeks earlier Christian Horner ensured the world of Formula 1 that Pierre Gasly's seat at Red Bull was safe until the end of the season. But on August 12 Red Bull made the announcement that Alex Albon would race for them and partner Max Verstappen for the rest of the season.

Gasly had failed to live up to expectations in the opening half of 2019 and paid the price for failing to compete with the front runners. The Frenchman was facing a midfield battle when Christian Horner wanted him to be battling with the Mercedes. 

Alex Albon will step up for the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix with Gasly returning to his "Italian family" at Toro Rosso.

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Mexico and Spain agree new deals

At one point it looked as if both the Spanish and Mexican Grand Prix would miss out on being on the 2020 calendar but by the end of the summer, both races had agreed on new deals, much to the relief of the Formula 1 world. 

The Mexican Grand Prix was revealed in bizarre circumstances after the Mayor of Mexico City confirmed the race in a video on Twitter before an official announcement was made a day later. The Spanish announcement came out of nowhere just a few days ago and it was confirmed to feature in 2020!

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The first look at the 2021 car

The 2021 regulations are yet to be confirmed, with a deadline set for October but the Formula 1 world got a first look at the car which was tested in secrecy at the Sauber wind tunnel.

The model used was a 50% scale model with the new 18-inch wheels with a rake moving beside the back of the car in an attempt to measure the airflow behind to determine an improvement on a cars ability to follow another.

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