Kevin Magnussen looking forward to racing at the "spectacular" Belgian Grand Prix

27-08-2019 16:58
by Louis Shaw
Kevin Magnussen looking forward to racing at the spectacular Belgian Grand Prix

Kevin Magnussen is looking forward to getting back to racing at the Belgian Grand Prix this weekend after the long summer break. The Haas driver enjoys racing at Spa and hopes that more circuits like it are added to the calendar in the future. 

When asked about the importance of the summer break the Danish driver said, “It’s a bit of a rest for the whole team, especially for the mechanics and engineers. They need the break to get back home to their families and spend a bit of time away from racecars. When they come back, they’re recharged and ready to fight for another half of the season.”

Spa is an iconic circuit and Magnussen wants to see more tracks like it. When asked what is so special about it he said, “I would just say it’s a track featuring high speeds, lots of corners, and if you put a perfect lap together there, you can make up time as the lap is so long.

"The races there are often quite entertaining because of the weather, and also because it’s a track where you can overtake. It’s a spectacular track.

“I’m a big fan of the old tracks because they have history and they have character. If you ask me, we should focus on just that. My fingers are crossed for some cool racetracks.”

Magnussen will hope that he can get his car firing on the circuit that he loves and that he can start the second half of the season with a strong points finish. 


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