Pirelli admits they are "going in the wrong direction" with use of softer tyres

26-08-2019 15:21
by Louis Shaw
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Pirelli admits they are going in the wrong direction with use of softer tyres

Pirelli boss Mario Isola has admitted that they have got their tyre philosophy wrong for this season and that they will make changes for future seasons. Pirelli have been using softer tyres with higher tyre wear in hope that teams would be forced into more pit stops but instead, drivers are driver slower trying to prolong the life of their rubber. 

“Last year we introduced a number of softer tyres," Isola said to RaceFans. "Even two teeth softer than in 2017, but the result was that the teams started checking their speed better during the race. Even more than in previous years. We concluded from this that it does not cause extra pit stops, but the cars have started to drive slower to prevent wear and tear.”

It seems positive that Pirelli have admitted their mistake and suggests that they have a solution lined up to fix it. 

“It is therefore clear that softer tyres do not provide more action on the track, so we have been asked in the future to focus on tires with a low degradation instead of tires with a high degradation. 

"In the last races, we have used harder tyres more often and exciting races have taken place where the drivers could push until the last lap. For example, Hamilton rode the fastest lap in Silverstone on tires that were 30 laps old.

"Our general opinion is that we were going in the wrong direction and we will change the approach in the future." 

With Formula 1 set to radically change over the next few years, a change in tyre philosophy should add to the excitement of the sport.  


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