Lewis Hamilton not thinking about retiring from Formula 1

25-08-2019 17:30 | Updated: 25-08-2019 18:55
by Tom Mason
Lewis Hamilton not thinking about retiring from Formula 1

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he hasn't given any thought about retiring just yet.

The five-time world champion currently leads the championship this season but Hamilton feels that he's still got plenty to give for his team.

"One day I'll have to stop, of course, but right now I feel physically and mentally fit, Hamilton said.

"I have no plans to stop in the foreseeable future because there is still so much to do. There are more victories to conquer, and we can do more together - in and out of the car. "

Alongside his teammate Valtteri Bottas the Brit has helped Mercedes open up 150 point lead on the nearest car Ferrari at the top of the standings.

"So far, it has been an incredible time with Mercedes. Currently, I'm just curious about what's to come. Honestly, I do not know why certain people decide at certain times to stop. I myself love racing. I love competition so much."

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