Claims that Mercedes dominance is down to tyres are "simplistic"

25-08-2019 14:06
by Joseph Tyrrell
Claims that Mercedes dominance is down to tyres are simplistic

There have been claims lately that Pirelli's tyres have favoured Mercedes this season hence their superiority. However, McLaren's performance director, Andrea Stella has questioned this idea, calling it "simplistic".

Mercedes have been utterly dominant in 2019, winning ten out of 12 races with five-time World Champion Lewis Hamilton securing eight race victories. At the start of the season they secured five consecutive one-two finishes before that run was halted at the Monaco Grand Prix.

In recent weeks it has been suggested that Mercedes have benefitted from the tyres Pirelli provide. Stella feels people should question other aspects of Mercedes' success calling the tyre accusations as "simplistic".

"Tyres are definitely a difficult matter," Stella said as quoted by

"You have a certain ambition, you have certain achievements, and you tend to put the difference on tyres.

“I think this is too simplistic.

"People should make more of fair questions about what they are achieving."

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