Max Verstappen says he is more like Sebastian Vettel than Lewis Hamilton off track

25-08-2019 09:29
by Adam Newton
Max Verstappen says he is more like Sebastian Vettel than Lewis Hamilton off track

The three big names in F1 right now are from two different generations, with Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel 34 and 32-years old respectively, and Max Verstappen more than a decade younger than both at just 21 years of age.

However, there are notable differences between Vettel and Hamilton, with the German keeping his personal life as far out of the media as possible, whereas Hamilton enjoys a post or two on social media.

As the next star of F1, Verstappen will likely be compared to these two, but he says off track he is more like Vettel than Hamilton.

Verstappen told De Telegraaf: “I think I'm more inclined to the Vettel side than, for example, to the Lewis side. 

"But in reality it always goes better, I learn more and more what to say and what not to say about what I do in my private life. Everyone makes their own choices. Lewis is also of another generation, I can't imagine him entering a simulator as soon as he gets home."

Verstappen enjoys racing on his own simulator at home, where he often teams up with McLaren star Lando Norris.

Verstappen continued: "It is a relaxing activity, I could win a race somewhere else that day. I remember when I was racing in go-karts: after spending a challenging racing weekend, in the evening we often went to shoot in an indoor area with rental karts.

"Yes, it's a bit crazy, but it's no different now with the simulator races. Also, I often like just being at home and running in the night."

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