Alan Jones has become "disillusioned with F1"

22-08-2019 18:56
by Tom Mason
Alan Jones has become disillusioned with F1

Former F1 world champion Alan Jones is considering moving back into his role as commissioner after disagreeing with some decisions which have been made.
It's a rare occasion when a commissioner gets involved with any controversy with the sport, one example from this year came with Max Verstappen who was left with suspence for several hours.

Jones hasn't been impressed with some decsions which have been made in the sport in recent times and has admitted that he may be forced to leave his role.

"At the end of the day, I'm a little, let's say, disappointed with Formula 1 right now. I'm seriously thinking of giving up my position as commissioner, " ,according to media.

 " I totally disagree with many of the ways or directions they go through , and obviously you can't screw them up or criticize them if you're an employee, so if I'm an FIA commissioner, I can only turn around and get caught,".

He beleives that you shouldn't stick to a regulation but to decide on each different scenario race on race.

"They deliver a book, which is the book of the commissioner, and on page five, paragraph three, line four says that if the battery cable is broken, you receive such a penalty. I don't think it's all due to a manual".

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