Lewis Hamilton targets improvements after the return from the summer break

21-08-2019 19:08 | Updated: 22-08-2019 08:43
by Tom Mason
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Lewis Hamilton targets improvements after the return from the  summer break

Mercedes Lewis Hamilton has admitted that he wants his performances to be better in the second of the season, despite leading the World Championship by a considerable margin.

Hamilton currently leads the championship by 62 points to his teammate Valtteri Bottas, but he wants there to be improvements from the first half of the season.

The Brit has won eight of the 12 races prior to the break to show his continued signs of superiority on the rest of the field.

“What’s really great in this team is that I don’t think we’re ever complacent,” he told Crash.net

“And even if we sometimes are it nips us in the butt and we pull back. But the majority of the time we don’t get complacent, we always arrive with the same mentality, we’ve had all this success yet everyone continues to work just as hard, and no-one is better than the other, and we all lift each other up."

Hamilton looks well on his way to winning is third title in succession, and having already won five world titles, his success looks like growing!

“We’ve also had races where we were fortunate, where Ferrari were quicker, but through driver, sometimes team error, sometimes driver error which has put them in a position, like Baku or Bahrain, where they had the car failure else they were the ones.

“It just shows you how on the edge we all are and you can’t take anything for granted so you’ve just got to keep working at it."


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