David Coulthard: There is "female talent capable of driving in Formula 1"

21-08-2019 12:43
by Louis Shaw
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David Coulthard: There is female talent capable of driving in Formula 1

David Coulthard believes that the female drivers who have driven in the W Series this year have the talent to make it in Formula 1. However, the former F1 driver thinks that women should only try and race in the sport if they are actually capable of challenging the best and pushing Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen

“[In the W Series] we’ve really put a big spotlight on the female talent that’s out there right now, and I think there are a few of the competitors who are capable of driving in Formula 1,” said Coulthard to the official F1 website.

“Now the question is, is being capable enough, or are you looking for a Lewis [Hamilton], a Max [Verstappen], a Charles [Leclerc]? You’re looking for the female equivalent of them, because unless you’re as good as a Lewis, a Max, a Charles, etc. you’re not going to beat them.”

The W Series has been a huge success and it won't be long until female talent is in Formula 1. 

“I personally, with W Series, want to bring more women into motorsport. My sister raced, she was very good but didn’t get the support because my family were supporting me and I regret that, so I want to be part of this to help support female talent and bring more women into motorsport.

"If they’re good enough, they’ll go to Formula 1. If they’re merely good – and good is [still] good! – then they’ll be in touring cars, sports cars, and many other championships.”

It will be interesting to see how long it takes to have a competitive female racer in Formula 1. Coulthard makes a valid point that in the fact that it would be pointless having female racers in the sport unless they are actually able to fight for podiums and race wins. 


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