Sebastian Vettel says Formula 1 must use "common sense" to protect classic races

20-08-2019 11:05
by Bobby Vincent
Sebastian Vettel says Formula 1 must use common sense to protect classic races

With Sebastian Vettel's home grand prix under serious threat of being eliminated from the Formula 1 calendar, the German has insisted that F1 must use its "common sense" to save some of the classic races from being taken off the schedule.

With the addition of the Vietnamese Grand Prix and the Dutch Grand Prix to the 2020 calendar, Formula 1 is set to have its longest season ever in a year's time. However, with additions comes sacrifices and it looks set as if the German Grand Prix will be taken off the calendar from 2020 onwards.

"I hope that we don't loce this race," Vettel said about the German GP. "I think not only as German drivers, I think for the German crowd we saw is very passionate, a lot of people turning up.

"It was sold out despite the weather (in 2019). I think we had a great race and it would be a shame to lose it. Obviously I'm not quite sure what's in the future, whether there's a chance to keep it, but certainly when it comes to passion and effort that people put into this race, it's pretty high up.

"I hope people make some decisions on common sense and not based on how much the wallet is opening. I think we have grands prix that we just must not lose such as Monza, such as the race at Silverstone in the UK.

"I think Germany and Spain have such a long history of racing, so it would be a shame to lose those and instead go to a place where they pay millions for the race to turn up but nobody is sitting in the grandstand."

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