Honda set to face a complicated penalty call

18-08-2019 16:39 | Updated: 18-08-2019 17:00
by Tom Mason
Honda set to face a complicated penalty call

The outcome of Honda's next Formula One engine, which is set to be introduced is "very complicated"

The Japanese company have used five races for their current engine, which begun at the French Grand Prix, five races ago.

During the season, Honda has already brought two upgrades to their engines, which has proved to be quite an aggressive approach.

The next two races come in Belgium and Italy, which are highly power-sensitive, and with these circuits coming after the summer break, it makes sense to go with this option.

This also comes with one of Red Bull's strongest circuits in Singapore, where Max Verstappen will be keen to impress.

Honda’s technical director Toyouharu Tanabe admitted that no decision was made prior to the break.

“We are discussing all the time with the teams and we will decide when we apply a new engine or updated spec,” he told

“At the moment no decision has been made yet. It depends on the situation and timing and the result of the discussions with the teams. It’s very complicated.”

The home race for Honda in Japan will come just five races following the break which will be a strong chance for a positive result after it came back to the grid in 2015.

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