Sebastian Vettel on rule changes: "The DNA of F1 must still remain the same"

18-08-2019 15:08
by Louis Shaw
Sebastian Vettel on rule changes: The DNA of F1 must still remain the same

Sebastian Vettel has called for Formula 1 to change things that only need changing. There are major rule changes set to be introduced in 2021 and Vettel is hoping that changes aren't made just for the sake of it. 

“The goal for the future of Formula 1 is clear, but it is important to focus on a few important things that contribute to that," Vettel said. "Changing something to say that you change it makes no sense. 

"The DNA of the sport must still remain the same, as is the case in every sport. Looking at this season's races, you want to match a GP like Germany, but under normal circumstances. That must be the goal: To get the field close together that something like this happens more often, even if it doesn't pour."

Vettel hopes that Formula 1 will look at other sports when they decide to change the rules. 

“Compare it to football," he said. "The game itself has been the same for a very long time and little needs to be changed. You will not suddenly adjust the length or height of the goal, or the number of players running on the field, simply because you have seen a slightly duller game. 

"This is also the case in Formula 1. The format is correct, but there are a few problems that really have an impact, that need to be solved.”

Vettel will hope that Ferrari can make the rules work for them and that he can get back to winning ways before too long. 

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