Kevin Magnussen reveals how he would improve Formula 1

18-08-2019 12:22
by Louis Shaw
Kevin Magnussen reveals how he would improve Formula 1

Kevin Magnussen is a natural racer. He has the ruthless edge required to make it as a racing driver and sometimes it feels that he would have preferred to race back in the 1970s. There are many things that the Haas driver would like to change about Formula 1 and one of these would be to change the tracks that they race around. 

"I would like to have better racetracks," Magnussen said to AutoMotorUndSport. "There are so many great courses around the world that would bring us a lot more fun. Do not get it wrong: We already have some good routes in the calendar. But there are some who are not among the best."

When asked is he would like to see Formula 1 return to the Nürburgring the Dane replied, "Yes, I would be there immediately. Let's do that!"

In the past, Magnussen has been critical of the modern era of Formula 1 and has said that he would like to go back and race in a different era if he could. 

"I especially liked the time of the early 70s. Formula 1 was still something new back then. It was very purist. At that time the job was harder for the drivers. Today everything is so perfect. Every little thing is thought about. It's all so safe. I'm not saying safety is bad. But that also involves some negative aspects."

With the new rules being introduced in 2021, Magnussen will hope that they look back to previous eras to make Formula 1 as good as it was back then. 


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