Mattia Binotto says extended season only benefits F1's "commercial needs"

17-08-2019 14:27
by Louis Shaw
Mattia Binotto says extended season only benefits F1's commercial needs

Mattia Binotto is against the idea of extending the Formula 1 calendar and believes that it would only benefit the financial aspects of the sport. The Ferrari boss has listed a few issues with the proposal of a 24 race season with one of these being staff numbers.   

"When I was young there were only 16 races, and the calendar ended in October, it was really fun!" Binotto said to "But today there are commercial needs. We have to make sure that from the financial point of view we are making the right choices, namely that the balance (between expenses and revenues) is positive. 

"If there is a further increase in the number of Grand Prix's it will be necessary to reorganize ourselves, we cannot face a season of 24 races with the same staff, so it will take a greater number of technicians who will work in rotation, I talk about mechanics and engineers but also some role key. Already today we have a certain rotation among our mechanics, but the key people are always the same. 

"I also believe that a calendar with 24 Grands Prix will have a great impact on the current logistic structures, and considering the budget cap that will come into force, we will have to evaluate well where it is essential to hire more people and where it will not be possible to do so. It won't be easy."

Many think that extending the season too much will lead to a Formula 1 fatigue and the only benefit would be to Liberty Media's back pocket. 


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