SportPesa Racing Point would like F1 to reduce number of test days

17-08-2019 08:28
by Matt Gretton
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SportPesa Racing Point would like F1 to reduce number of test days

The Formula 1 calendar is set to be even busier for the 2020 season. It's possible that Liberty Media will include 22 Grands Prix for next season, which will put extra strain on an already packed schedule. 

With 22 races, the team suggested they'd be able to manage the increase as long as changes can be made elsewhere. One of those changes might include shorter tests. SportPesa Racing Point's technical director Andy Green believes this will be a positive change.

“If you look at all the technological gadgets of today, I don't think all those test days make much sense. In addition, we only visit one circuit for the winter tests, while the rest of the year there are many more other courses. Those tests are not very representative," Green said. 

“The cars are now extremely reliable, so you don't have to do it for that either. I think it will be a little more exciting if you remove a few test days. I think it is a good thing to talk about shortening the winter tests."

“In Formula 1 there are always unknown factors that play a role. You simply cannot know everything. More often than not, tests only cause more question marks. If you test more, you also have more question marks. I also think that a season with 22 races is going to be difficult enough. If you have to test for another two weeks, then it will be a lot. Then I think it would be better to test a little less and in that way to get some trouble off the shoulders of employees."


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