Toto Wolff reveals historical motivation that keeps him pushing for success

15-08-2019 16:45
by Louis Shaw
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Toto Wolff reveals historical motivation that keeps him pushing for success

Toto Wolff has proven himself as a world-class team leader. He has led Mercedes over their period of dominance and has revealed that much of his motivation for success comes from the history of the team he represents. Wolff hopes that his team keeps winning and that he can pass on the leadership to an individual as passionate as himself when the time comes. 

"I feel the responsibility for what we do," Wolff said to the Formula 1 YouTube channel. "When you look at the iconic cars of the past it makes you think about the drivers that drove them, the engineers that built them, the directors that decided to take up the challenge. 

"It just shows me that I carry a responsibility during the time that I am in charge. When I do hand things over to somebody else, the most important point will be to emphasize the importance of the responsibility that he has representing Mercedes in motor-racing."

After speaking so passionately about the past, Wolff spoke about the future and his plans on continuing to dominate the sport for years to come. 

"We've already stretched it quite far. We are competing for our 6th consecutive championship, something that hasn't been done before in any sport! 

"It's not done yet. If we do get the 6th then there will be a 7th to conquer."

Mercedes have truly shone in the past six seasons but surely their dominance will come to an end soon? It is clear to see that Wolff doesn't think so. 


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