Five moments to look forward to in Netflix's Drive to Survive series 2!

14-08-2019 18:00
by Adam Newton
Five moments to look forward to in Netflix's Drive to Survive series 2!

At the halfway stage of the season, we thought we'd look back on some of the best moments of the season so far, ones that we all will be looking forward to seeing in the second season of Netflix's Formula 1 series, Drive to Survive...

1) Mercedes' Hockenheim meltdown: It's still difficult to believe that Mercedes only managed to score two points in the German Grand Prix, especially after the Silver Arrows qualified in first and third. We saw an angry Toto Wolff in the garage as Valtteri Bottas crashed out of second place and Lewis Hamilton only managed to finish ninth after both Alfa Romeos were penalised. It's going to be fascinating to see the behind the scenes and the aftermath in the Mercedes garage following their most disappointing race since Austria 2018.

2) Vettel v Hamilton in Canada: Sebastian Vettel's controversial penalty in Canada cost him the win and sent the German crazy. The iconic scene of him switching the first and second boards underneath the podium is one that will surely feature and we can't wait to see how the teams reacted to the decision to give Vettel a five-second penalty. We can couple this one with the decision a couple of races later to not penalise Max Verstappen for his overtake for the lead on Charles Leclerc in Austria, as I'm sure there was some frustration in the Ferrari camp!

3) Gasly's struggles at Red Bull: In the last few races, Pierre Gasly has been driving to survive at Red Bull, and sadly for him it hasn't gone how he would've wanted, as it was recently announced Alex Albon would replace him after the summer break. Hopefully the Netflix crew have managed to get some good interview footage with Gasly so us fans can understand just what went so horribly wrong for him at Red Bull.

4) Honda's first win: Verstappen's victory in Austria wasn't just an emotional one for him, but for the whole Red Bull team and their engine supplier, Honda. The Japanese manufacturer have had a tough time since returning to F1 with McLaren in 2015, and getting a win under their belt will have been a massive relief for them, in just their second year with Red Bull.

5) Guenther Steiner: Is there much more to add? Steiner was the star of Drive to Survive series one and with everything that's been going on at Haas this year, we expect the same to happen this year! Steiner has had plenty to deal with this season, from Haas' race pace problems to the off track issues with Rich Energy. Add in two drivers who can't stop hitting each other on track in the form of Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen and we've got a recipe for a spicy season with Steiner!

Let us know what you are looking forward to in series two in the comments below!

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