Alex Albon can handle some pressure: "I just try to enjoy"

14-08-2019 11:11
by Matt Gretton
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Alex Albon can handle some pressure: I just try to enjoy

Alex Albon will now get a chance to do what Pierre Gasly failed to achieve. The British-Thai driver will face the pressures of racing for a top team, who are in form, and matches up with one of the best Formula 1 drivers, Max Verstappen

This pressure might give the 23-year-old some trouble, but he believes he can handle it. In an interview that was held for the German Grand Prix, Albon explains his thoughts on the pressures. 

"I can easily leave things behind and know that I can make mistakes from time to time. You drive to the limit and then something goes wrong. Of course, you sometimes have difficult moments, but during that time Franz Tost helped me a lot. You don't want to lose confidence, because then you won't get into the car nicely next time," Albon told Motorsport. 

"Of course, there is pressure at Red Bull, but I think that applies to every team in Formula 1. Red Bull does have a certain reputation, which I also had to deal with during my resignation in 2012. Because of that experience, I now know how to deal with setbacks, so that I can handle that pressure better. In addition, enjoying racing is your most important resort, which prevents a lot of stress," he concludes.


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