Daniil Kvyat on proposal of less testing: "We already have too little testing"

13-08-2019 16:26
by Louis Shaw
Daniil Kvyat on proposal of less testing: We already have too little testing

Daniil Kvyat believes that Formula 1's plans to extend the season and limit testing time will be detrimental to the sport. It is thought that the F1 season could be increased to 22 races and that winter testing could be shortened to allow for this. The Toro Rosso driver believes that there is not enough testing in Formula 1 anyway and thinks that limiting it further is a bad idea.  

“I disagree with that [idea] completely, to be honest because we already have too little testing,” Kvyat said to Motorsport.com. “I mean, we should do more real driving, rather than simulator driving. I 100 percent disagree with that.

“What we are doing now is a minimum from a driver point of view. I am not too keen to drive in a simulator, I'd rather do a lot more test days and travel even [more].

“This is not the way Formula 1 should be. We should be driving. Sport should be about... this is the only sport where we practice so little outside the racing weekend.

“Maybe I am not saying [it needs to be] as much as it was in the past with free testing, but we shouldn't get less than now, I think.”

There are few opportunities for teams to test their cars during the season and limiting this time further would create more problems for the teams. 


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