Russell has "barely put a foot wrong" in "hugely difficult" Williams car

10-08-2019 09:06
by Nicolás Quarles van Ufford
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Russell has barely put a foot wrong in hugely difficult Williams car

Despite being the only driver yet to score a point in the 2019 Formula 1 season, Sky Sports F1 commentator David Croft has praised Williams rookie George Russell for "barely putting a foot wrong" in the FW42, which is "hugely difficult to drive".

Free Practice and qualifying in Hungary proved how far along Williams have come since the start of the season, with the Grove-based side being just over 2% off the table-topping times.

Russell was tantalisingly close to making it out of Q1 for the first time this season, finishing 16th. The difference between him and Q2: half a tenth. The difference between him and teammate Robert Kubica in P20: 1.3 seconds. Russell has won every qualifying battle so far, although Kubica did score the team's only point in Germany.

"When you're driving a car as far off as the Williams is this season you have to compare him to his team-mate and despite Robert Kubica getting Williams' only point, in Germany, George Russell has consistently out-performed his more experienced colleague during the course of this season," Croft wrote on Sky Sports.

"To wrap up the qualifying head-to-head after just 11 races is an outstanding achievement and should never be overlooked. He has also beaten his team-mate in every single race except France and Germany.

"Russell is well-liked within the team and left Hungary with a smile on a face knowing that technically Williams seem to have turned a corner and should emerge after the summer break much closer to the rest of the field."

With the maturity and the consistency of his drives, many people are calling for Russell to be promoted to Mercedes in the future. The 20-year-old is under contract at the Silver Arrows, after all.

"He's barely put a foot wrong in a car that is hugely difficult to drive and gain consistency in. It bodes well for his future in the sport, which may still be with Williams next season, but that's no bad thing as both team and driver develop.

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