Perez on the impact the Mexican Grand Prix has on his country

08-08-2019 18:05 | Updated: 08-08-2019 18:56
by Joseph Tyrrell
Perez on the impact the Mexican Grand Prix has on his country

The Mexican Grand Prix has been confirmed to remain on the Formula 1 calendar until 2022, which will be music to the ears of Sergio Perez who had previously feared the impact it may have on his home country.

The news was announced on Wednesday with the Mayor of Mexico City telling fans on Twitter that Chase Carey was flying over to sign the contract. F1 confirmed it would remain apart of the season until at least 2022.

There had been big doubts that the race would feature after this year after government funding was pulled. However, a new injection of financial support has been found helping the race feature for years to come.

At the British Grand Prix, Sergio Perez spoke to a media group which included about the impact it would have on young drivers in Mexico.

"It would have quite a big impact," said Perez.

"When we had the Mexican race the interest raised quite a lot and we got a lot of interest back home."

"But I think if we lose Mexico the interest might go down.

"It influences a lot of people to pick up the sport and make it it will be a shame to lose the sport which has grown so much in Mexico."

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