Some F1 teams are "resisting 2021 aero changes"

05-08-2019 12:34
by Adam Newton
Some F1 teams are resisting 2021 aero changes

Martin Brundle says that some of F1's "key teams" are resisting the changes that are set to come in for 2021.

The 2021 rules are supposedly set to even out the playing field and make F1 more sustainable for the teams competing, but Brundle claims that some teams are trying to prevent certain aerodynamic changes coming into effect.

In his Sky Sports column, the former Williams and McLaren driver wrote: "I'm hearing that key F1 teams are strongly resisting the proposed 2021 aero changes and the concept of increased standardised parts, on the basis that the former may not improve the racing in lieu of the massive development costs, and the latter will cost more for lower quality parts.

"With the deadline of October fast approaching, that sounds rather alarming, to say the least. There'll be trouble ahead."

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