Could Fernando Alonso team up with Max Verstappen?

05-08-2019 10:47 | Updated: 05-08-2019 11:08
by Joseph Tyrrell
Could Fernando Alonso team up with Max Verstappen?

Lewis Hamilton has suggested Fernando Alonso would make a good teammate for Max Verstappen insisting the Spaniard is always welcome to join the battle at the front of the field.

Alonso retired from Formula 1 in 2018, choosing to pursue the final part of his Triple Crown, the Indy 500. However, he failed to qualify for the event and has been linked with a return to the pinnacle of motorsport.

With Max Verstappen's current teammate, Pierre Gasly not having a good season, it seems the Frenchman's days at Red Bull are numbered. Nico Hulkenberg has been linked with his seat in the past but now Hamilton has suggested maybe Alonso could take on a new challenge at Red Bull.

Following the Hungarian Grand Prix Alonso praised Verstappen and Hamilton on Twitter which prompted Hamilton's suggestion.

"I don’t know how old Fernando is now but he’s always going to be a great driver," Hamilton said at the post-Hungary press conference

"If he can get a good seat, he’s always welcome here to battle with us. It doesn’t make a difference, really, necessarily for me. I’m here to fight whoever’s here.

Verstappen weighed in adding: "Yeah, I think it was a bit of a shame that I never had an opportunity to fight against him in F1 so yeah."

Hamilton then suggested the idea that Max and Alonso could team-up.

"Could be a good team-mate for you," Hamilton said.

"Fernando? Well you have experience with it, I don't know, well..." Max replied.

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