Team bosses: No problem for 22 races but will need to manage things differently

02-08-2019 12:35
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Team bosses: No problem for 22 races but will need to manage things differently

Despite Liberty Media and Formula 1 bosses saying that the calendar will remain at 21 races earlier in 2019, it now seems more and more likely that we will have a 22 race season in 2020. 

Back when Michael Schumacher was scooping up Formula 1 world titles, the number of races in a Formula 1 season stagnated at 17. Over the last few years, that number has grown to 21 and now it looks likely that it'll be increased to 22 for the 2020 F1 season. 

During the team bosses press conference in Hungary, they revealed they wouldn't have a problem with another race on the schedule, but they'll need to change how they manage things. 

"We were asked if we can support a 22-race calendar. In theory yes, but how will the other commitments be managed? Let's talk about tests for example. At the same time we must also think about components like the engines," Horner said. 

"It is not a problem to run 22 races but we must understand what can be the gained. We should also understand if we can reduce the tests," Binotto added. 

"We wouldn't mind that 22 races will take place next year, but we must also look at costs and people. If the competitions were more we should think about how to manage our people," Seidl added. 

"22 races ok, but we have to understand if it works financially and if our people can do such a job. For example, if we have three races in a row we should organize ourselves differently," Claire Williams concluded. 

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