Alex Albon doesn't show concern for his 2020 seat in Formula 1

21-07-2019 14:40
by Matt Gretton
Alex Albon doesn't show concern for his 2020 seat in Formula 1

Alex Albon is half-way through his debut Formula 1 season and currently sits in P15, five points down on his teammate in the Formula 1 world championship. Nothing has been confirmed about his future yet, and Albon isn't getting distracted by the lack of future contract just yet. 

Albon insists he's focusing on his own driving and feedback, rather than worrying about his future in Formula 1. The 23-year-old recorded his best result in Monaco but has since failed to finish inside the top 10. 

“Not really, I still just focus on myself. I know what you mean, but there’s no looking over the shoulder or anything like that. I’m still very much a rookie. I’m still learning a lot," Albon told the media last week. 

"I’m happy with the season so far, but the focus really is about getting back in the points. Every weekend is just about trying to improve as a driver, improve the feedback and my knowledge of the car. I think in the beginning it was learning big chunks at a time and now it’s more fine-tuning."

Albon has had plenty of experience before he stepped into a Formula 1 car. During his youth career, he came through the GP3 and Formula 2 series as well as competing in Formula Renault. But he reveals driving an F1 car is completely different. 

“These cars have so much downforce. When you break grip in F1, you lose a lot of time. Especially with the rear tyres, when you lose the grip, you lose so much lap time. I love quite a bit of front end grip, so getting that balance right is very important," he added. 

“I was kind of in no man's land where you are not sure what you want to be doing with the car and what suits the car. Now, it’s more about being a bit more independent with my choices."

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