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The front wing of Ferrari reduces Vettel's performance

"The front wing of Ferrari reduces Vettel's performance"

21-07-2019 14:00

Sebastian Vettel has had a rough 2019 Formula 1 season. Gary Anderson, a designer of the first Jordan Formula 1 car, believes the Ferrari front wing is hampering Vettel's race day performance. Anderson says Vettel can't deal with any understeer, something which the mechanics must reduce. 

"Vettel is a great driver, but he needs a car that is perfect for him. If the car is anything else, it will drop out. At Silverstone, you saw all the top drivers such as Hamilton and Verstappen push the borders, but Sebastian no longer," Anderson explained to Motorsport.com.

"The Ferrari tends to understeer, but that is something that Vettel cannot deal with. He was the king with the double diffuser, but he cannot keep up with the current era."

During the winter tests in Barcelona, Ferrari's Formula 1 car seemed the strongest. One of their assets, which Mercedes had a different design of, was the front wing during. But through the season, Anderson believes the front wing has let them down. During practice sessions in recent Grands Prix, Ferrari has tried different options.

"I think that is under-steering due to the front wing. Mercedes has taken a much bigger step in the winter, generating much more downforce. Ferrari can solve this, but it will take a lot of time again," Anderson concludes.   

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