Haas set to fire one of their drivers!

18-07-2019 17:38
by Joseph Tyrrell
Haas set to fire one of their drivers!

Rumours circulating on Reddit are suggesting that Haas are set to fire one of their drivers following their disastrous British Grand Prix, which saw both drivers retire from the race.

Haas are second from bottom in the Constructors' Championship and have really struggled this season. Romain Grosjean has scored a mere two points this season, coming in consecutive races in Spain and Monaco. Kevin Magnussen meanwhile has failed to score points since finishing seventh in Spain.

Following Haas' terrible British Grand Prix, where the pair went came together on lap one and both retired by lap ten rumours are suggesting it could be the end of the road for one of them. A Reddit user by the name of F1ThrowawayF1 who is apparently close to people within the sport released this information on the platform.

"So, I'm close to someone who has been at a number of races with great access (The mods have seen evidence of this).

"What I'm hearing after the British GP, Steiner was furious at the drivers, blew up at them (for obvious reasons) and phoned Gene Haas for permission to fire a driver. Word in the paddock is that they are looking at Ocon to replace Grosjean. 

"If possible, by the next Grand Prix. That's all I can say, for now, If this turns out to be correct, I'll be back with more."

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