Pat Symonds: High degradation tyres aren't right for Formula 1

17-07-2019 08:35
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Pat Symonds: High degradation tyres aren't right for Formula 1

Pat Symonds believes Formula 1 made a mistake by asking Pirelli for high degradation tyres for Formula 1 cars. The Italian tyre manufacturer won the contract to continue making F1 tyres for the 2021 season and slightly beyond. 

When Pirelli became the sport's sole tyre supplier in 2011, Formula 1 told them to make a high degradation tyre. With the 'marbles' beside the racing line, it was clear this was happening. However, Symonds thinks this was a mistake. 

“I think we were asking completely the wrong things of Pirelli over the last few years. The high degradation target is not the way to go," Symonds told

Formula 1 will introduce 18-inch wheels as part of the regulation and rule overhaul coming in 2021. Symonds reveals they're not exactly sure what to ask Pirelli in for yet in terms of tyre behaviour, but he notes the importance of pit-stops during a Grand Prix.

“It’s something where we don’t have a clear idea on yet. We’re doing a lot of simulation. There are many things you can do. We do believe pit stops are important in Formula 1. We know our fans enjoy these two-second, sub-two-second pit stops. So we do want to have that level of pit stops. You might say the easy thing to do is to have a Le Mans-type tyre that will go on and on and on. But then we’ll lose the pit stops," he concluded. 

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